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Heart & Soul Youth

Our Mission

We are here as a team to make sure that each student that walks through our doors or is involved in anything that we do is impacted for Christ in a way that they will never forget.  We are also here to draw those in who are in need of something special.  The lives of students are affected and changed by very little influence and by showing them something that will never fail them, (the love of God,) essentially we have the upper hand on the world.

Youth Praise Team Primary Responsibilities

  • Mentor and disciple youth of the church by building relationships and being actively involved in the altar services.
  • Participate in and lead Wednesday night services.
  • Provide short-term counseling for youth of the church.
  • Communicate with the youth and publish upcoming events through the weekly church bulletin.
  • Assist in the Youth Talent Expo.
  • Recruit, train and motivate leaders/partners for youth ministry.
  • Coordinate bi-monthly youth outings.
  • Plan and coordinate an annual youth summer trip.
  • Teach a youth-education program, as requested.
  • Encourage teamwork and mutual support of the vision and ministries of New Life PCG.
  • Support Heart and Soul Praise and Worship Team.
  • Develop and coordinate youth Bible studies.
  • Assist the Pastor in establishing ministry goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs, managing the use of facilities, planning an appropriate budget and evaluating progress with the pastor regularly.
  • Attend Heart and Soul Team meetings.
  • Support and participate in youth prayer partner program.
  • Cooperate with the Pastor and other church ministries by performing any other duties, as requested.
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